I am a creative chameleon, 
a dreamer, a visionary, a linguistic architect, and a believer that everything should be infused with a cosmic dose of artistry.



I was born during a revolution and survived a war under a dictatorship where music was forbidden, and laughter was only an echo of the past. Conformity was the only trend. A dark cloud of fear overshadowed and disempowered all those who survived it. The vulgarity I witnessed daily fueled my desire for harmony and beauty. I disengaged from our forced reality and spent most of my time exploring all the beautiful possibilities of my imagination. The beautiful world I created within me expanded as the vulgarity around me grew. My creativity became my highest act of rebellion and my art was my voice. I knew at a very young age that my divine purpose is to persistently bring order and harmony to the chaos. I knew that I was born to create, and my creativity was my only path to freedom.





Diana Shams is a true visionary artist. Since our chance meeting in 2010, I've been deeply moved by her creations, ranging from exquisite paintings to top quality advertising campaigns and websites. Diana is a bright light; witty & intelligent with the presence of a yogi. She's a pure delight to collaborate with. In addition to being a client, I'm a huge fan of her work.



Musician/Sound Healer





Jenny Deveau
Musician/Sound Healer
New York


From the very first time I set my eyes on Dïana’s artwork, I knew she was the one I wanted to collaborate with on my album art. From our very first conversation, I immediately experienced her passion for her crafts, her intuitive gifts and how much love and care she pours into every project.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish and went above and beyond at every step to deliver a world-class finished product. When I look at the art she created, it moves me and I can say without hesitation that Dïana perfectly captured the essence of my music and my message, bringing it to life in a way that we are both very proud of and that I still receive amazing feedback about every time someone sees it. Dïana is a consummate professional and a master of her crafts, and I’m glad to have gained such a valuable team member for all my design needs as well as a friend who inspires me with her creative courage and artistic integrity.






Diana Shams


Visual Design & Communications Director 

Interior & Environmental Designer


Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

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